FAQ’s about Dial a hubby Handyman Service
which currently covering West Sussex,

including Worthing, Littlehampton, Rustington, Angmering, Storington, Lancing, Shoreham, Bramber, Lower Beeding, Henfield, East Preston, Ferring, West Grinstead

The Dial a hubby handyman service will undertake absolutely any task, as long as we can do it legally and lawfully
Odd Jobs completed on demand

Anything your husband Can’t or Won’t Do, WE DO !


Is dial a hubby a charity?
No Dial a hubby is a profit making community focused business. Which means we share the profit we make with the local community by doing things for free.

For exampleDial a hubby is currently responsible for funding the Kids Sit Safe Scheme with West Sussex Road Safety along side the West Sussex Fire Service.

Every Month Dial a hubby is committed to undertake work on a free of charge basis to an individual who be deemed to benefit from it.

Do you give written quotes?
No, generally Dial a hubby does not give written quotations the reason for this is that Dial a hubby is an honest business with a reputation to keep and we can not exactly hide our  pink vans.

Why does Dial a hubby appear to be expensive?
Dial a hubby is a live just in time business, in other words its designed to give you what you want when you want it and not 3 months later. Another way to look at it is think of Tesco super market then think of Tesco Express you can by the same product but they are a different price because of the convenience.

How do I know you are who you say you are?
4 ways to comfort you and put your mind at ease

  • Unless otherwise advised all hubbies will arrive in a very distinctive vehicle pink and maroon with Dial a hubby along the side.
  • All hubbies have a uniform with Dial a hubby embroidered on the chest
  • All hubbies will have a criminal records check every 12 months
  • All Hubbies have an ID Card with their picture on it

Do you use Sub Contractors?

 i.e. people who are not directly employed by Dial a hubby
No Dial a hubby only use its full time employees

Is Dial a hubby part of any professional body like the Social Services?
No Dial a hubby is not part of any professional body or organization because all who work within the company are committed to provide the service as it is intended, with Honesty, Humility and Humor. Dial a hubby sets its own standards which is Stephens (the founders) 100% satisfaction guarantee

If I had just had a new Carpet laid, would your operatives take their shoes off if I asked them?
Generally no, As there is a health and safety issue here. However they would consider what work is to be done, because if there was any possibility of something falling on their foot. Both the company and you would be liable for their injuries. However ever Dial a hubby vehicle carries disposable water proof overshoes which will protect your lovely new carpet So please do not be afraid to ask us to wear them.

What’s the smallest job you have done?
The smallest job to date has been to open a jar of pickles

What is the funniest job you have been asked to do?
The funniest job has been to blow up a paddling pool for a lady in the summer

Do you carry insurance?
Yes, Dial a hubby carries a 5 Million pound public liability insurance

I work all week, Do you work Saturdays?
Yes but the service is limited. due to other commitments, please don’t be frightened to ask

What areas do you cover?
Dial a hubby actually gets calls from all over the country, but at the moment the service area is restricted to West Sussex.

What is the Absent relative Service about?
The absent relative service is for mums, dads, sons, daughters and grand parents who are worried about a relative in this part of the country. So this service allows you to call from anywhere in the world and ask us to visit on your behalf